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To Whom It May Concern:

It has been our pleasure to have Jeanie Gregory and her staff secure several tenants for the condominium that my wife and I own in St. Helena.  All their work has been done professionally and to our satisfaction.

I believe I can safely use the word professionally as I spent 35 years as a real estate broker with a large portion of my business involved in property management both residential and commercial.  Jeanie Gregory and her office know what they are doing.

I can easily recommend Rent Napa Valley to any and all.


F. Van Dorn Moller

“We have used property managers almost continually over the past 30 years since my career kept me working overseas most of that time.  Rent Napa Valley is by far the best manager we have used, actually in a category all its own.  They investigated prospective renters thoroughly, and invariably selected reliable and responsible tenants.  Rent Napa Valley monitored our home and offered excellent advice and oversight whenever repairs were required.  Their financial and other reports were concise and on time.  Our only regret is that we can no longer use RNC because we have sold our home and left the Napa Valley.”

Bill Duncan

“We hired Rent Napa Valley to advertise, screen our applicants and write contracts with our tenants about 10 years ago.  Since then we have only had very good rental experiences and great tenants.  We completely trust their thoughtful advice and would never want to rent without Rent Napa Valley.  They have our highest recommendation!”

John and Sydney Wargo

“Coming from the East Coast, I have owned a home in St. Helena for 15 years.  Over that time, Jeanie Gregory and her group have found two sets of long-lasting, reliable and responsible tenants.  Jeanie has given wise counsel on everything from a properly maintained garden to removing carpet stains:  she is extremely generous with her sources.  Finally, besides being professional, she is also extremely kind and honest.”


“Rent Napa Valley has always been able to lease my St. Helena home and we are very happy with the staff and their professionalism.”


“If you ever need a reference I will be very happy to provide you with one.  You all have been awesome!  Ever since I used your company I’ve been able to sleep easier at night!”


“I have said to Kristi and Amberley many times that I wouldn’t want to rent without you.  I am always very grateful for your help.”